What do we want for the future?
What do we want for the future?

“Imagine a future of relentless storms and floods, islands and heavily inhabited coastal regions inundated by rising sea levels, fertile soils rendered barren by drought and the desert’s advance, mass migrations of environmental refugees, and armed conflicts over water and other precious natural resources…

… Then think again – for one might just as easily conjure a more hopeful picture, of green technologies, livable cities, energy efficient homes, transport and energy, and rising standards of living for all the world’s people, not just a fortunate minority…

… The choice is ours to make.” Kofi Annan wrote this in TIME in 2002.

We still haven’t chosen, but we need to choose the sustainable future while we still can.

But what choices can we, as people, organizations and local governments, actually make to enable the future that we want?

How DO We Shift to Sustainability?

There’s no longer a question that change is needed. But what can we actually do as people, as NGOs and as local governments? What should you think about when designing strategies? How can we take into account how people really think and behave and enable change? What options are actually effective? And what has worked elsewhere? In short, how can we actually transition to a sustainable world?

My blog tries to answer these questions.

We also do consulting work in this area, especially in the transition to sustainability and innovation transfer. Please get in touch to discuss your needs in this area.


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