The Sustainability Shift

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Behaviour Change, Innovation and Strategy

The transition to sustainability will require many changes, including technological and policy change, but for those changes to be effective, we will also need to consider how people and societies can and will actually change. We need to recognize that humans are not rational and what that means for how they respond to those technological and policy changes. It will often not be what was expected. We need to go far beyond raising awareness and providing information and think about how people actually change, what triggers them and what will make things easier and better for people.

There is also a role for looking at what is working well elsewhere, both in the realm of behaviour change and in sustainability more generally. We need to see what works somewhere else and adopt or adapt it as required for the local context.

We can help. Harmony has been studying both sustainability and behaviour change for many years and is very knowledgeable about how behavioural research is being applied to policy and programs. She also has experience with local government, public affairs and an education in planning. Ivo’s background as an environmental consultant, local politician and public affairs consultant gives him insight into both the technical and political technicalities. With ties in North America and Europe, we are in a good position for helping to translate European innovations to the North American context (or vice versa). We are also multi-lingual – we both speak fluent English and Dutch, and Ivo adds French, German and Spanish to the mix.

Our Services

There are a lot of possibilities in this area. Some of the things we can aid you with are consulting, research and writing. Naturally, these services overlap, and we are certainly open to other opportunities in this area.


Would you like someone to think with you on a behaviour change strategy? Would you like someone just to prepare that strategy? Do you need more expertise and knowledge for a certain project? Do you need a problem analyzed and/or recommendations for action? Is there another problem you are wrestling with in this area?

We can help. We are both experienced consultants in our other business and bring a wide range of knowledge and skills to the area.


Do you need more research into an area of behaviour change? Are you developing an policy or plan that could involve changing behaviour and would you like to find out what has worked elsewhere? Is there a specific behaviour change that you are hoping to implement? Are you considering doing something new in the planning and policy arenas and would like to explore what has been done elsewhere? Would you like more information on a specific policy or plan that’s written in a language we speak? Do you want more information about what is being done on the ground in Europe? Are there other related questions that you would like answered?

We can help. We’re both capable and qualified researchers, with diverse backgrounds. We can organize and summarize the relevant information for you in whichever form you need.


Do you need something written in this field? A report, an article, a blog post, a paper or some other type of publication? Something to inform, entertain or persuade? Something chatty or something serious? Something short or something long?

We can help. We both have extensive experience writing in a variety of forms, voices and contexts. We also both write clearly, concisely and logically. We can write in either English or Dutch.


Do you have something else that you want to explore and you think we could help? Do you have a position within your organization that you think we would be good for? Whatever it is, please don’t hesitate to…

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