The Sustainability Shift

The Sustainability Shift

We all want a sustainable future
We all want a sustainable future
We have the technology to change
We have the technology to change
But we are not shifting fast enough
But we are not shifting fast enough
How do we speed up change to our cities, our economies and our behaviour?
How do we speed up change to our cities, our economies and our behaviour?
How DO we make a sustainability shift?
How DO we make a sustainability shift?

How DO We Shift to Sustainability?

We need to shift. Shift our behaviour, shift our policies, shift the way we deal with stuff and our planet.

A better, more sustainable, world is possible. There are already a lot more solutions out there than we’re using. Why aren’t we making full use of what we already know and have? The answer is not simple, but there is one thing that is certain:

Changing behaviour is central, yours and, wherever you have influence, other people’s.

Unfortunately changing behaviour is not easy. We don’t do all the things we know we should do, even when we’re aware and motivated. If we did, we’d all workout, eat healthily, drink enough water and have planned our financial future. But if we can’t even reliably do those actions with a clear benefit for ourselves, how can we change in much harder areas? It is possible, but it takes dealing with ourselves as we actually are, not as the always rational deciders that we like to think we are.

Naturally it won’t fix everything. National governments and corporations also need to shift. But they won’t do it alone or unprompted. So the most effective thing that we can do as people, as NGOs and as local governments what we can do best is show that change is possible and desired.

So, if you want to change behaviour, yours or someone else’s, what should you think about when designing strategies? How can we take into account how people really think and act? What actually works? And what has worked elsewhere? In short, how can we actually make the shift to a sustainable world?

Luckily behavioural insights are now being studied and used for policy, programmes and planning around the world.

This is also where our consulting work is, especially in the area of energy, local governments, innovation and policy. This is also what I blog about.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs in this area.


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