Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

I’ve been everywhere, man. Well, not quite actually, but we made a good effort. Between the previous post and this one, we’ve been busy. First, we travelled the world for a year with our kids, seeing 19 countries, mostly in Asia. Then, when we returned, my husband Ivo and I set up a new business in public affairs. We focus on lobbying at the local and regional level within the Netherlands. It’s been going well.

But, with everything going on in the world right now, I feel myself drawn back to this blog and this business. I think it is more important than ever that we look at the shift to sustainability. It is easy to feel as though there is nothing more we can do as individuals and at the local level. I want to use this space to look at what options we do have, and how we can best do our bit locally to make change.

So, I am coming back to the blog with a bit of a new focus. I want to see if it is possible to live sustainably and avoid a catastrophic future. And if it is, I want to not just look at behaviour change (though it will remain a focus), but also at practices, programs and policies at the individual and local level (NGOs and/or local governments) that could be shared elsewhere. The first step is to get the website updated, and then I hope to blog regularly about these topics. Until then!

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